6 Best Ways to Use Social Media in Job Search

Nowadays social media play a crucial role in the dream job landing. It is almost no wonder this happens. Social networks have become an indispensable part of our life. And all the more recruiters, as well as job seekers, use them in the business. Different surveys show a lot of evidence for it. Namely, Jobvite states that almost 50 percent of the job seekers use social media in the job search. But if you’ll think about it, the number is even smaller than it could be expected. And the greatest strength of the social networking websites is their mobility and simplicity. Here are a few ways to engage them in your job hunt!

1. Use a LinkedIn Profile as a Signature

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is one of the most useful tools for the job search. As it was aimed to build a strong professional network, this service does its work. The LinkedIn profile gives you the possibilities to create a reliable professional image. It creates an informal, however, a considerably important framework for the resume.
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After that, the LinkedIn profile becomes the great signature, which can be used in the emails. It kind of promotes a resume, but in a subtle way.

2. Show Commitment

The social media profile is an attribute of the modern human. Therefore, it makes sense to fill it up with the particular kind of information. In the case, we are talking about the professional information. It means including posts and news from the work field in the feed. And it pays off to be active. The idea is not just to observe it. Give likes, repost and comment the posts that show a career development aspiration. Different related workshops and conferences are the perfect chance to build a good professional network too. And if you post a little review or summary, the benefits will be even bigger. All of the named above is an excellent opportunity to show the commitment and passion about the subject.

3. Get a Little Personal

Obviously, the professionalism is essential for the job search but personality’s charm should not be neglected. Still, it is worth to stick to the certain style and know where to draw the line. Choosing one specific feature to highlight makes a public image more solid.

4. Follow the Target

Having one specific target on the mind makes the research more specialized. Social media lighten the task. To a significant extent, they represent company’s culture and their work ethic. And although dream job may appear an ideal one, it is advised to take it with a critical eye. Maybe after the thorough thinking cap, it won’t seem to be so appealing.

5. Recognize Patterns and Tendencies

Following the company (having a few on the list is even better) allows seeing a work field from the inside out. You get to know about all things on the front burner, hot trends and topics included. It contributes to being a professionally aware person. At the same time, such data provides a matter for the discussions with colleagues. The approach makes a professional networking more interesting and profitable.

6. Keep up with Audience

Social media will not replace an individual meeting or email for the concrete person. But it is a perfect chance to address a broad audience. There is no need for any special action, only one click is required.

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