Author: Shashankrsingh

The Secrets of Digital Marketing!

Digital Marketing! The recent career spot of every mid 20s guy. And yes, even the businesses too. This field has stepped forward from the last half a decade to even the Indian elections. Remember, Prashant Kishor, the digital marketing expert. He made our PM Narendra Modi’s name get into every Indian’s mind and brain by

5 Characteristic for Effective Digital Marketing

While everyone in Australia is busy in evolving the fastest way to boost the productivity of their company through digital marketing, some of us are forgetting to include the basic features in the marketing strategies. What an ideal digital marketing plan looks like- is the question whose answer is necessary to find out before you

6 Best Ways to Use Social Media in Job Search

Nowadays social media play a crucial role in the dream job landing. It is almost no wonder this happens. Social networks have become an indispensable part of our life. And all the more recruiters, as well as job seekers, use them in the business. Different surveys show a lot of evidence for it. Namely, Jobvite

9 Ways to Pick Up Inbound Marketing Performance

Companies can develop inbound marketing performance with methods meant to show results. It is no longer acceptable to “make it and they will come.” While visiting the same is sufficient, the switch is what’s needed to win online. These 10 ways to pick up inbound marketing performance will support your business in examining and improving

An Important Change to Google’s Panda

The Google Panda Update has been around for five years and has dominated more headlines than probably any other Google algorithm change over that time. It was so big that it transcended industry press, making headlines from more mainstream media outlets. An important change has been made with Panda, and it affects how Google utilizes

Best Way to Build A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing involves the creation and sharing of media, as well as publishing other content in order to attract customers. When done correctly, content marketing is becoming increasingly important for SEO. But as it gains in popularity, it is becoming more frequently abused. When developing a content marketing strategy, pay extra attention to the following: