I love E3 Conference, and I don’t Even Play Video Games – LOL

I just got fantasy for my words from TheVerge writer Chris Ziegler. And here it is, although i mentioned before about game that i don’t even play game so it’s very normal that i don’t have any imagination on game content so i copied bits of content which is belongs to press conference.

In my work industry so covering the consumer SEO, SMO & SEM. I’ve seen keynotes of all shapes and sizes. Google to Microsoft — I’ve seen and covered it all in some kind of technology blogs. Also i covered some social media and search engine news which belongs to news.

The announcement of Google updates, Bing, yahoo and Facebook its cozy things to me because i know what’s going on and what will happen.

Recently i heard from on of my team member Anmol about E3 press conference 2015, which is belongs to gaming industry. I’m little bit busy fellow at my work, But there’s something about E3, the gaming industry’s biggest stage, that makes me… feel things that a big Google event simply doesn’t. I absolutely love it. I sat in front of YouTube’s live E3 channel this week, rapt, as Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo unveiled the Next Big Things in gaming. There were moments when I could feel my heart pounding. I’m pretty sure there was a point during the Microsoft event that I briefly leapt out of my chair.

“I sat in front of YouTube’s live E3 channel this week, rapt & i litrally enjoyed it”

And here’s the fact about me: I don’t even play games, really. I own an PS3 for my cousin, but it’s really just for him so i didn’t take a look there.

(Theverge)Why does E3 get me so worked up, then? I think it’s the focus on content rather than gadgets (though there’s plenty of those, too) and the exuberant reactions to that content. Outside of key moments at the biggest Comic-Con events, there’s no other consumer-focused stage in the world that blasts you with title after title after title, leaving no room to breathe in between, perfectly cut with shots of the live crowd freaking the hell out. And it’s often a perfectly blended mix of new chapters in wildly popular franchises and entirely new properties — think Halo 5 right next to ReCore at the Xbox keynote, for example. Something old that you’ve been waiting for, something that no one saw coming. Both get just a couple minutes of jaw-dropping action on stage before they’re whisked away and it’s onto the next game. Done well, it’s a master class in the art of the tease and the art of the reveal, and it leaves you marking the release dates on your calendar.

E3 is also a hypnotically bright, pulsating, colorful world in a way. Microsoft lowered a car onto its stage with a pulley. Nintendo had a bizarre puppet show that featured a caricature of Reggie “My Body Is Ready” Fils-Aime. Everything is bright green, or blue, or purple.

There really isn’t an analog to that outside of the gaming world. I was glued to the screen watching ReCore’s odd robotic dog bound through the sand, even though I’ll probably never play it. But I didn’t have time to really think about it, because before I knew it we were onto Fallout 4 footage — one of the biggest reveals of the show — and the official Forza 6 trailer, at which point I was basically ready to scream.

Literally i enjoyed every trailer in the game mostly i like Fallout 4, Uncharted 4, Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom PainHorizon: Zero DawnGears of War 4Star Wars: BattlefrontFinal Fantasy VII & The Last Guardian.

IGNJust look at this guy’s elation. We should be so lucky to feel this level of joy at some point in our lives. (IGN)

“In a business where the word “magical” is thrown around far too loosely, that was magical”

Even if you can’t get excited over the titles, there are still the moments that you realize that the industry is changing before your eyes. If you didn’t basically freak out when Microsoft demoed Minecraft for HoloLens — the moment when a blocky, living castle appeared on stage as if by magic — you may not be human. I don’t care if you’re a PlayStation diehard, a hater of games, or a completely uninterested individual who didn’t even know what E3 was before this week: I challenge you to watch that section of the event without at least cracking a smile. In a business where the word “magical” is thrown around far too loosely, that was magical.


The developer Martin presenting Unravel muppet and his hand were shivering when he took it out.

The moment when Unravel revealed. It was an adorable, physics-based platformer from Swedish developer Martin Sahlin Interactive. In the trailer showed the main character, a small creature made from yarn, sliding down the snow in a log toboggan, narrowly getting crushed by a car on a dirt road, and exploring an apple tree. A yarn string, which trails endlessly behind the hero character, can be affixed to certain points in the environment, allowing you to jump higher, cross gaps, affix yourself to a floating kite, and more.


The moment of E3 with Shenmue 3

Sony, meanwhile, was responsible for perhaps the single biggest mass freak-out of E3 with Shenmue 3’s announcement. And Nintendo, in its own Nintendo way, showed a new Star Fox and the almost unbearably cute Yoshi’s Woolly World. Oh, and Super Mario Maker! Never change, Nintendo. Or, you know, only change enough to survive in the modern video game economy that you’ve been willfully ignoring for the past decade.

Folks, I literally love E3.

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