The Secrets of Digital Marketing!

Digital Marketing! The recent career spot of every mid 20s guy. And yes, even the businesses too. This field has stepped forward from the last half a decade to even the Indian elections. Remember, Prashant Kishor, the digital marketing expert. He made our PM Narendra Modi’s name get into every Indian’s mind and brain by his campaigns. But does every digital marketing campaign take the advertising world by storm? Yes, some had good content, SEO and even design. But they do not make the mark. Forget even shares. Have you felt the same for some of your funny creations and puns? If so, you are at the right place. In this article, we give you facts on the secrets of digital marketing.

Sometimes, it happens. The social media platforms treat your creative wonders with the racial insult of a foreigner. Yes, in digital marketing, everyone fights for likes, shares and many more. But no one likes others feeling sick of looking at their shared posts.

So, what do you do?

Please read the article with patience. Although, we have not taken count of  any tools, it is the virtual green field and anyone can plant a flower sapling. Our lists gives you valuable points to do the same. The rest, depends on the situation and the trend of internet.

  1. Do Not Become Possessive Too Much

You love the brand. Obviously, it is your company’s best product. Yet, get the point clear. Your competitors will hate it and may go all out to undermine the product. They may give a handsdown to your articles in And the public – Yes, they love it when it comes to food and can also put a favorable review about services. Then they forget and move on to the next. This is real life. Period.

Every urbanite has scant time to spend with his/her family. Then why will they spend valuable time to share your taglines on the product or service? You are loyal to the company (if) and you may say, for the product, buy the product; but pun to the competitors. But the viral campaign occurs once in a million. Unless you are a personality and has millions of followers.

Please do not feel sad. The creative visuals you created burning the midnight oil fizzled out. A mere hundred likes. In fact, the ROI dream broke. Have you used Facebook ads? If no, start using them. You are a digital marketing guy, so it is legal to make the product or service to the company liked by public. You have adopted the best way to reach them. This is a secret of digital marketing. As a businessman, if your product is good, you have to venture all out to promote the product. No ifs and buts. It is only the positive side you have to look into.

  1. Give Value To Time Of People Who Search Social Media

Honesty is a valuable factor. But not so, in social media. Everyone likes to get thirty seconds of worldwide fame. When was the last time, you shared a video or post of your close friend? Was it eons ago? Then you are selfish.

Yes, there are people who create fake identities online. One, for the sheer fun of it. And they want to hide their real faces. So they put cute kids photos to say good morning. But they never get up early. They will share videos of recipes which will never cook in their kitchen. But let us imagine a false rumor about a terrorist with an injection needle. It gets millions of shares. The reason – you guessed right. The public wants to make true the notion – bad news travel fast. The essence to prove they are a step forward than the trend is real. So, understand their pulse. Do not have the false belief, once your image gets online, people will go ga-ga over it. Yes, that can happen, only in your dreams.

If you get a competitor’s companies video going viral, do not ignore it. Watch it with patience and your team. You may get valuable insights. Yes, and the rule, Never share the video. Another secrets of digital marketing that is seldom found in other websites.

  1. Take No As The Best Reply

Have you paid the subscription feel of the analytics tool? Do you check everyday? Then you gain info on the fireworks and the failures. If plan A does not work, then plan for B. Yes, it is damn hard. But you will come to know the real parameters. And, yes, keep reading the articles by experts on digital marketing. You can subscribe to their websites.

  1. Know What You Want

In the real world, you can be a husband, father, son, employee, scientist, doctor all together in a single body and soul. No one will care. But in the digital world, you are stepping to other’s world. Everyone will guard their space in fierce rage. If you say anything derogatory, trolls can happen to you. The result – negative. Forget about ROI. So plan the words, content and expect to work under the budget.

Every Indian knows about the popular personality in Sony Television. In fact, his show is a national hit. But once, he tagged the PM in his twitter. That sets the alarm bells ringing. He had to face a lot of public flak and political games. Another secrets of digital marketing – never mess with personalities when it comes to personal jokes.

  1. Pick Your Trends

Do not make a video on every viral news or event. Just imagine, if every company from each sector made a video on every viral news, what will happen? The craze will fizzle out. So, wait for the right news to happen, link it to your company product or service. Do not forget to include the humanitarian part. It may not go viral, but definitely will build trust. This is benefits for the wrong turn. Do not jump on the bandwagon, and ruin your company’s image for a mere hundred views.

  1. ‘Millennials’ are ByPasse

Millennials get targeted even at present. But the fact, is many have passed 30. In fact, they are trying to find their feet. They want the best, will work to achieve their goal and that is it. Patriotism is high in their minds and they will go all out to share a video with a social message and a funny story. Did you get the point?

  1. Tinder your creatives

You need to keep tuned to the recent events. A catchy line, a funny video of the present trend in connivance with your company logo can work wonders. But do not expect the same results every time. The reason – there are experts who have professionals working in their time. They may beat you to the race line. Remember, it is hot looking people who get photographed the most in a function. Or a celebrity with a ravishing dress. Your images/posts may look like an angel to your SELF, but for the public, unfortunately, a undertaker.

Let us cook up a case study. You have a microwave oven service center in Hyderabad catering to all the major brands. The business is popular. Now how will you get the best advertising post for your service? A brainstorming session with your marketing team can give the perfect design advertisement. It should give info about your best service professionals, a link to the customer reviews and a catchy design. Ensure to share the image in many of the SEO submission websites.

Please note, an advertisement is the representation of your company. So do not promise the moon and give sloppy service. Bad reviews may get directed to your failure curve. Does your company have a strong handyman professional team? Do they offer services in all places in the city? Please look into these aspects. Do not post the advertisement all over the social media unless you have looked into these factors.


We have come to the conclusion part of this article. Like technology, digital marketing is always on the change. That is pretty hard for an insider to keep abreast of the events. Yet, one factor works. The TRUTH. The vital knowledge about yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, product or service. Then, you can create a campaign which can work wonders on the ROI.

Best of Luck. Au Revoir.

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